If you love suspense, you’re gonna love this


I have finally finished reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters! It’s a wonderful read, recommended for everyone (all the straight, queers, and the bilinguals alike) who lives and breathes suspense.

Waters spuns a gripping tale filled with action, conspiracy, twists and romance, that is able to keep you on your toes during the whole time! The novel tells a tale about two girls, Maud Lilly and Susan Trinder, whose fates intertwined through the arrival of a man known as Gentleman (just in case we mistake him for a scoundrel) one night at Susan’s home in London. On that fateful night, Susan is introduced to Lady Maud Lilly, who lives in the countryside with her uncle, and has a huge inheritance under her name. So it’s a gold mine to whoever who gets her hand in marriage. With Susan’s help, Gentleman conjures a sly plan of conning the Lady into giving him her hand in marriage. Tension and suspense builds up from here on, turning it into the famous Pringles situation – once you pop, you can’t stop. And indeed, every single page begs a turn, all the way from the mind-bending twists to the unexpected end.

Fingersmith is arguably one of the best novels that I have ever read; being able to immerse me into the story so completely. It is incredibly well-paced, and brings you a new view of the Victorian classical era that the story is set upon. But disclaimer alert, this novel calls for an open-minded reader. So if you’re one, go ahead and dig in!

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